Dyson AM05 vs AM09 – Best Hot + Cool Fan Heater?

Dyson is one of those brands which provides best quality home appliances. Apart from there regular fans Dyson also makes fans which can perform the dual function of heating or cooling depending on the weather.

Dyson is well known for vacuum cleaners all around the world but vacuums are not only thing they make.

They are makes the fans to make the environment hot or cool depends on the weather. Having this kind of fan in home is very cool and useful.

Here we are talking about Dyson AM05 vs AM09 which are currently two best hot & cool fans. People are confused which one they should pick.

Both AM09 and AM05 are the best selling products and getting positive reviews. No doubt they these fans are expensive but you will get for what you are spending your money for sure.

In Dyson AM05 vs AM09 we aim to point out all strengths and weaknesses of these both products. Hopefully, after reading this comparison you will get the right product.

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Dyson AM05 vs AM09 – Comparison


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Brand NameDysonDyson
Model NameAM05AM09
Weight5.2 lbs5.91 lbs
Dimension8.5 x 6.7 x 25.2 inches8.03 x 6.02 x 23.4 in
Power1,500 watts2,000 watts
Remote ControlYesYes
Heating MethodRadiantRadiant
SafetyNo visible heating elements, No fast-spinning blades, Tip-over switch No visible heating elements, No fast-spinning blades, Tip-over switch
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceView Price on AmazonView Price on Amazon

Getting confused in Dyson AM09 and AM05 is okay as both are best and popular.

Dyson AM09 is new to the list of Dyson’s hot & cool fans. It comes with bladeless design and a heater and fan combined into an oblong loop.

So you can expect some improvements in Dyson AM09 as compared to Dyson AM05.

Let’s find out below what are the improvements in Dyson AM09 and which one is best to buy and spend money on.


Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, Black/Nickel
Dyson AM05

Design wise both products are very similar. Both are attractive and comes with eye catchy designed.

You can clean the both fans easily and both comes in different colors.

Dyson AM05 comes in three colors, Black/Nickel, Iron/Blue and White/silver.

In Dyson AM09 you get four colors to choose within, three colors are same Black/Nickel, Iron/Blue and White/silver and they added Iron/Red as extra color.

There is difference between these two as both comes with different buttons on the base.

The base of the AM05 contains buttons for power, speed, oscillation and temperature controls. But in AM09 there is only one button to turn the fan on or off.

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater, White/Silver
Dyson AM09

Both comes in cylindrical shape and the upper part gives us hot and cool air. There are no fan blades in both products for safety of your children.

Both Dyson AM05 and AM09 comes with remote control but there is difference in the controls on remote.

On The Dyson AM09 remote control you can see more buttons like focused mode, diffused mode, timer, change the direction etc.

As we already told you there are no buttons on the base of the AM09 so if you lose the remote you won’t be able to control the fan heater after.

There is only on/off button on the AM09, so you need to take care of remote control.

But in AM05 you get the buttons to control everything so here AM05 wins. On the remote control you can see similar controls.

So even if you loose the the remote of AM05 you can still control the fan heater by the buttons located on the base.

Weight & Size

There are not much difference in these fan heaters. Both share similar weight and size.

Weight of Dyson AM09 is 5.91 pounds which is light.

Also the Dyson AM05 is 5.2 pounds in weight. Not much difference here.

The dimension of AM05 is 8.5 x 6.7 x 25.2 inches and Dyson AM09’s dimension is 8 x 6 x 23.4 inches.

Cord lengths are different in both product AM05 comes with 5.9 ft. long cord and Dyson AM09 comes with 6 ft.

Bladeless Technology

Both Dyson AM05 and AM09 uses bladeless technology and which is very good thing.

Mostly fans are designed with blades for movement and to give the air direction. But Dyson makes these two with bladeless technology.

Because of no blades it makes less noise and this bladeless technology is known as Dyson Air Multiplier Technology.

By using this technology Dyson fans able to give you more powerful and consistent airflow, as there are no blades to interrupt the smooth flow of air from the device.

With Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater draws in up to 6 gallons of air per second generating high airflow and velocity, cooling you effectively.

Fans use less energy and makes less noise because of bladeless technology and it also make it easy to clean the fans because of no blades and grills.

Remote Control

Both units comes with remote control to control the fan from any position in the room.

You can control and command the unit to do what you want. All the controls are located on the remote which you need for a fan heater to control.

Both remote controls with curved design so you can place them on the top of the fan for easy storage. Both remotes are magnetic so you can easily attach them on the top of the unit.

You will never forget where you placed the remote control.

AM09 offers no extra button on the base, but there are only on/off button.

But in AM05 all the buttons are there to control the unit without remote control.

Remote controls are very little and can be easily misplaced. So in that case AM09 users won’t be able to control the unit.

But AM05 still can be controlled without remote control.

So take care of the remote control of Dyson AM09 as much as you can.

Jet Focus Technology

Now this is where you see other difference. Not both units comes with this feature, only one is integrated with this cool technology.

Dyson AM09 is the new fan heater and it comes with Jet Focus Technology which is very useful and effective.

AM09 offers two airflow modes focused and diffused. So you can control where to project the air and where not.

In the focused mode, air passes through a tiny aperture and direct the air into the front of the fan. So you will experience more air in this mode.

While in the diffused mode, the air directed to all direction. In this mode air is released from the back aperture of the fan heater.

Diffused mode is best when you want to cool or warm the whole room.


AM09 comes with Jet Focus Technology which is missing in the Dyson AM05.

This technology is very good to warm or cool the whole room easily or you can use the focused mode to get the air on a focused area.

But in AM05 there is no modes like these. So here AM05 fails to provide better performance.

Also there is no sleep timer feature in Dyson AM05 and this unit is nosier than Dyson AM09. So you are not gonna like that.

In AM09 remote control you get sleep timer button and also the button to control the air.

But on the base of AM09 there are no buttons to control the unit. Only turn on/off button is there. So if you lost the remote control it’s kind of dead.

So both have advantage and disadvantage but still Dyson AM09 gives better performance. As it comes with more feature and latest technology.


According to us Dyson AM09 is the best choice only if you can take care of the remote control.

Otherwise Dyson AM05 is also good but AM09 provides more feature and better performance.

Also both comes with bladeless technology and there is no heating smell issue in both units.

We recommend Dyson AM09 as it is less noisy and comes with extra useful features.

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