Best Headphones for Rock Music 2021

They say music is the best medicine. I have felt the same many times.There are several varieties of music like rock, pop, metal, classic, etc, and everyone has different musical tastes. I may like rock music, but that doesn’t mean your favourite should be the same.But you have found heaven if you are a rock music lover for this is an ultimate article on best headphones for rock music. I am going to share twenty-five items, so you will get ample enough number of articles to choose from.

I think you have set your mind to have a marathon through the best rock music headphones available today. Also check out: Best headphones for movies.

Best Headphones for Rock Music

As you are looking for the best rock headphones, I hope you know what rock music is. It’s a music genre that evolved from pop music and rock and roll in mid-1960s. Regardless of late birth, it has become the rage within a short time.

Here you are, searching for the best headphones to hear rock music. That’s the popularity of rock. It has crossed every boundary (be it national or linguistic).

Enough talk. Let me start the list with the first one.

#1. Brainwavz Delta Silver IEM Earphones​

The main advantage of choosing this earphone is nothing but the cost itself. You can grab one throwing only $22.

Again, you are not limited to only one product to choose from. They provide different colour variants and for each colour, there are two types, one for iPhone and other for Android. The price slightly varies from product to product with one or two bucks.

The build quality is premium with the most part made from metal. Within the package, you can find the Delta IEM, two silver tips and two ear tips as well.

The ear tips do work hard to isolate the noise. So, you can get a comfortable music experience with ample amount of recipes like bass and trouble.

The portability is at its best. You can even put this item into your pocket, and it will not bulge out of the same.

#2. Monoprice 108320

Here comes another bang for the buck.

Monoprice is known for their budget products. You don’t have to shell a lot of money to get their products. This one is not an exception. Just $10, that’s enough. You are right to go.

Even with this low price, they are offering four different colour options- black, silver, white and pink.

Talking about the build and design, the entire product is made up of good quality plastic, and you don’t get any extra item other than the earphones itself.

The sound quality is going to drop your jaw because you can’t find this level of crystal clear sound even for a sub 20 bucks price section. Even though I included this on the best rock music headphones article, Monoprice 8320 is one of the best headphones for metal music as well.

#3. Panasonic RP-HTF600-S

The last two products I have been talking about were earphones. You might have come here for the best headphone. So, here comes a budget beast.

Considering the price that it gets sold now, you can’t get the best deal to beat this one. At this moment, you can grab this Panasonic product for only $25. (Price may vary).

With 4.2 stars on Amazon, this may be the most underrated product in the list of best rock and metal music headphones.

The design of this beast is minimalistic with the right proportion of plastic and metal. The minimalism is evident on sound quality also with no extra bass or another sound element.

Having the impendence of 50 ohms and an ear cup diameter of 50 mm, this one seems to be the best-in-class headphone for rock music.

As the ear cup opens a little bit allowing the external sound to enter into your pinna, music through this headphone will be a superb experience if you can sit in a calm room.

#4. MEE audio M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphone

With this one, we are entering into the sub $50 division.

MEE M-duo is an in-ear type earphone with inline microphone. The first thing strikes your mind when you see this earphone is nothing but its design. With metal finishing and premium feel, this one takes anyone’s heart away.

With a premium (by sound wise too) earphone, you will get a set of ear buds of different sizes. So, overall MM M-duo is a steal for only 45 bucks. And, a case is also provided to carry this one around without being damaged.

The dual dynamic driver delivers the best audio into your auditory canal.

#5. Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

Maybe you haven’t heard of this company for it is comparatively new to the business.

As you read from the heading itself, this monster is a semi-open headphones with over the ear ergonomics. You can have that premium feel even though its price hardly touches $50.

The cables you find with HD668B can be detached from the main headphones. You will get two cables with a 3.5 mm audio pin and a 6.2 audio pin.

You can find the same headphones under the category of best metal headphones and best pop headphones simply because this budget guy can play any music like a breeze.

#6. Monoprice 108323 Headphone

Even though this Monoprice child comes under $50, you can’t beat the sound quality even with a $100 headphone.

Every time, Monoprice is keen in providing great sound quality without giving away extra items in the package. But 8323 is here to bust this misconception.

By breaking the convention, you get two cables of different lengths within the packet. Even though the entire body is made up of plastic, the build quality is sturdy.

The balanced sound from Monoprice 8323 is an example for any audio products manufacturing company to provide superior quality within an affordable price range.

#7. Klipsch Status White Headphone

​Are you a style freak? You think nothing wrong in showing off a glamorous headphone? Then, Klipsch status should be in your wardrobe.

Within the package, you get two cloth covered cables (one with an inline mic to handle voice calls).

The sound quality is the best with balanced bass. You will not regret on the purchase decision as Klipsch status fulfils your thirst for style and superior sound quality.

Two colour variants are available- black and white. But I personally prefer the white one as it looks more stylish at least for me. But it’s evident that you should pay more for the style.

#8. Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphones

You may find this to have no style element. But you will change the mindset at once after hearing to it at least ten seconds.

Even though the design is minimalistic and old school, the sound quality is at its best. If you prefer style over anything and glad to have a decent sound quality, you can buy the former one I have shared because it’s the most stylish headphones for rock music in this list.

The open back design is capable of delivering optimum sound quality. About 90% buyers are satisfied with the product. That means you can buy this one without any hesitation.

#9. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

After sharing a bunch of headphones, I am back with another earphone that will blow your mind away.

The design may seem awkward to you as it is meant to be fitted behind the ear. But with time, you will get used to it.

Inside the package, you will get the detachable cable, ear pins, a set of ear buds and case to carry around the earphones.

There are three variants available- black, white and blue. You need to spend a $35 more to get the last one. The design form factor is unique giving you the chance to sneak through the internals with a semi-transparent ear pins covering.

Sound quality is superb, and you will not hear external sounds most of the times.

#10. Sony XBAH1 Hybrid 2-Way Driver In-Ear Headphones

Wow!! Here comes one of your favorite brands. How can I not include a Sony product in this massive list of best rock music headphones?

Most of the enthusiasts listed this one as the best earphone you can buy under a budget of $200.

Sony introduced a new term- hybrid two way with this earphone which is none other than a type of dual drivers technology to deliver impressive sound to entertain your ears.

The sound quality is decent with balanced bass and amazing mids and highs. But the user- responses is mixed with positives and negatives. So, you had better try this out first before making a purchase decision.

#11. Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

I have already shared another Shure product with you.

Shure is a reputed brand creating spellbound audio products of amazing quality. As I am sharing the list in agreement with their price, we have hit the sub $200 section.

The sound profile is fantastic on this device. You won’t find any glitches while listening to music through it.

Don’t expect so many goodies within the package. You will get a pair of cables, adapters and a case for protecting the product. That’s all.

Maybe, you won’t find this to be a little bit overpriced. But that doesn’t mean deteriorate the sound quality.

#12. Chord & Major 8’13 for Rock

As the name suggests, these earphones are completely made for rock music.

Being a new company, people will be reluctant to spend their money on buying a product from Chord & Major. But if you overcome the misconception of new companies make worst product, you will win.

These headphones are the best headphones for rock music, and you will not get even a single chance to blame the sound quality of this hulk.

The packaging is decent, and the design is pleasing. You may not find a lot of reviews on the same on the web. But the available ones are positive for sure.

#13. RHA T20i In-Ear Headphones

These in- ear headphones is bliss for those who listen to all genres let alone rock.

Have you heard the saying first impression is the best impression? If so, you can’t ignore RHA T20i for sure. You will love this one at the first sight itself.

The package is also premium. So no irresponsible delivery boys can ruin your product (even though Amazon doesn’t have irresponsible guys).

Three tuning filters are a boon for those who listen to all types of music. You can change the filter to listen different genres with reasonable quality.

The pouch that comes within the package is rigid. And, you will not find any issue in inserting the headphones in it and carry around.

#14. Grado SR325e Headphones

You will not find anything fancy about the design of this over the ear headphones. So, the outdoor usage may be an issue as it contains no element to show off.

The over-the-ear nature makes it sits around your ear comfortably. But some people complain that comfort will be an issue.

I firmly believe that they put all their effort in making the sound quality awesome instead of working on materialistic feel.

You may not hear the sizzling bass from this one. But this guy will not disappoint you with the mediocre audio quality for sure.

The lack of carry case is weird in this price range.

#15. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones

​You can find these great headphones in three variants pro with 250 ohms impendence and premium with 600 ohms and 32 ohms impendence as well. The last one is compatible with your smartphone.

But, in order to get the most out of these headphones for rock music, you have to invest in a good amplifier.

This one has a semi-open design that allows it to deliver natural sound. The package comes with the headphones, cables and an adapter. I recommend you not to use it with your smartphones as it can’t give the power sufficient for the smooth functioning of DT-880 pro.

The sound quality is superior, and the minimalist design proclaims the same. You need more space than a usual headphone needs to accommodate this one.

​#16. Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2 Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins’s P5 S2 has a unique design compared with every other headphone here. But you will not find anything with it to boast about.

The simple and elegant design is the silent sign to a fantastic sound quality. Actually, P5 headphones have three versions. The actual P5 wireless version and two P5 S that is second generation.

The two year warranty period indicates their post sales support. So, you can use the device freely without much fear of dropping the same.

They have refined the sound quality on P5 S2 with slight emphasize on the bass element. These are on-ear headphones, so you have to stretch the ear cups with mechanical force. But it may result in permanent damage if not done carefully.

#17. Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Audiophile Stereo Headphone

Here comes the real beast in our list. Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla headphone is the expensive one in this article.

If you don’t mind spending about a $850 bucks to give joy to your ears with audiophile level sound quality, you should buy these best headphones for rock music.

The packing itself is the premium being made up of aluminum. The same material is used for the construction of the headphones also. It helps to decrease the weight of the device.

You won’t get any extra accessory within the package. The 600-ohms impedance boasts the capacity of these headphones. However, you need a suitable amplifier to show justice to the capacity of the device.

​#18. Grado Reference Series RS1e

I know I have shared a Grado product already. Remember what I told you then? Grado is known for their audio quality, not for freebies or style.

The open back design may not seem to be ideal for outdoor usage. But in my opinion, the design of this one is decent enough that you can carry this to wherever you go.

In the package, you get a 6.2 mm audio cable, nothing else. Talking about the design, it has a leather headband with an open back design and the ear cups have a wooden outer protruding part.

The sound quality is great with the real Grado grade.

#19. Westone UM Pro30 Triple Driver Universal Fit Earphones

You can grab this awesome product in four different colour options- blue, smoke, clear and red.

The main highlight of these best headphones for rock music is nothing but the marketing term itself, triple driver. You already read that the sound quality of a headphone with double driver is superior, then what one with the triple driver?

Triple drivers are dedicated for low, mid and high sounds. So, you can hear the audio with utmost details.

If you are a bass savvy, you may not like UM Pro 30. But this one is for those who want ample details in the sound they hear.

#20. Sennheiser HD 650

​Hurray!! Here comes my favourite brand, Sennheiser. I hope you also like the same. Despite being one of the brands with literally zero promotion, they managed to get a permanent spot in every audio enthusiast’s mind.

HD 650 has only 260 grams of weight, being the lightest among all twenty-five items mentioned here. This is also an open back design. Sennheiser guys know the mechanism of high audio experience. That’s why they never went for closed back design.

The cable you find within the package is a 6.2 inches one. Plus, you get an adapter.

The cables are detachable, and the ergonomics give you a premium feel with the right mixing of plastic and metal.

The sound quality is excellent just like every other Sennheiser product out there.

#21. Koss PortaPro

​The design of this headphone will take you away. Even though the headband has an open back headband design, you won’t feel awkward to carry the same around simply because of the earcups’ design.

Under a budget of $40, you are getting a lot more than what you pay for. Being one of the best rock music headphones, it delivers deep bass without suffering.

You can collapse the headphone to make it smaller and put it inside the case comes in the bundle to carry the same safely while you travel.

The connector type is common- one with 3.5 mm headphone pin.

#22. Grado SR80i

This is one of the best headphones you can get under $100.

If you just Google, you can find many positive reviews including one on CNET. The sound quality on this headphone is amazing with ample amount of details, bass, trouble and all.

Build quality is at its best, and you won’t find it to be cheap. The headphones feel premium hold. And, the sound quality does justice to the premium feel.

I request you not to blame the headphones for throwing a low-quality sound towards it to play. Just try to play audio with high quality, you will be amazed to hear it.

#23. V-Moda M100

VModa has another headphone called M80. This one is an upgrade over the same with impeccable sound and build quality.

The design is a sheer joy with a leather headband and nice looking ear cups. The outer portion of the earcups houses a texture that adds beauty to the headphones.

The sound through M100 seems to be good. It can deliver balanced sound with no washouts and enough detailing.

The biggest strength of VModa headphones is their bass effect. This one is not an exception.

​#24. ATH M50x

ATH M50 can be used for studio monitoring. Considering this fact, you may feel that the sound will be flat with very little bass. But that’s not true. You can experience a balanced bass from these best headphones for rock music.

The headphone is not small, not big either. Despite being broad, you won’t find any discomfort in wearing the same for hours. Every sound effect is balanced on M50.

Listening to rock music on this headphone is an awesome experience with the balanced sound profile.

Most probably, these are the best rock music headphones under $150.

#25. Darkiron N8 Headset

Finally, I thought to give you a budget option. Here it comes, Darkiron N8 headset that barely costs you $20.

The design of these headphones is clean and elegant. The company provides four colour variants- blue, pink, white and black. Of these, the white one has a red circle on the ear cups and the cable is red also.

The adjustability of headband increases its using comfort. Inside the box, you will get a 6 feet cable with 3.5 mm headphone pin.

You don’t have to buy an amplifier as this one is not a power headphone. It’s compatible with most of the MP3 players, smartphones and DVD players.

​Have You Selected the Best Rock Music Headphones?

That’s enough I guess. You might have become tired after reading such a long post.

I hope my post helped you to come up with a purchasing decision. If you are still hesitant, just go through every item I have mentioned above.

Make a budget range, compare the specs of products with those you want, and finally, pick that one.

That’s all. Have a great day.

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