Best Gymnastics Bars 2021

I hope that you’ll agree with me when I say:

We want to give the best chance possible for our children to have fun and be successful, right?

The ONE problem is how do you know which product to choose from…

That is why I have created this extensive guide on the Best Gymnastics Bars 2017. After spending many hours researching and testing these Bars and with my knowledge, I made a shortlist of the top 5 bars which you can buy right now.

Best Gymnastics Bars 2017

Sure, some of these bars are not for everyone as some carry a big price to them.

Do not worry though, this top 5 list includes the very best bars, even at their price point. Each bar is good enough to make our top 5 list for 2017.

Why are some other brands not on my list?

Lots of people are wondering as to why I did not include certain brands or products to my review list. The answer is pretty simple.

  • Some of the latest products are very, very expensive.
  • Honestly, the price does not make the quality of the product any better, they just make more profit.
  • There may be a small demographic that can use the products as opposed to the ones already on the market today.
  • No warranty.

So, in my opinion, it is not beneficial or wise to buy an extremely expensive product where the brand is not reputable or at minimum, does not offer a warranty.

For now, I have discounted these brands and products, but will keep an eye on them and add them to my list if they get good reviews and I have tested them.

1. Tumbl Trak – Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar – Best buy in 2017

Most of the gymnastics know of Tumbl Trak because this brand at the top of their category. For those who are not aware, they were one of the first innovators of bars, mats and other gymnastic training tools. They have been around since 1988 and they show no signs of stopping. They product a quality product time and time again. Today, we are going to talk specifically about the Junior model. It has a price point of $325, which is not to expensive, it is a high quality product and it gets fantastic reviews. For anything in the $300 range, I would not suggest any other product besides this one.

This product is one of the newest from Tumbl Trak. It has a 1-1/2 inch dameter solid bar with heavy tubing, made of steel, to give your child a very safe way to use the product. Additionally, it is extremely sturdy. As with most bars, it adjusts, this one adjusts a wide range, all the way from 38 inches to 56 inches, which is suitable for most people. The bar is a wide, 4 feet in length, which goes along wonderfully with their other accessories. The bar has rounded corners to ensure safety for the athlete. As you can tell, Tumbl Trak really cares about the safety of their products. Safety should be one of the main concerns you have for a product like this. This brand, specifically this product has safety as the number one priority.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert in gymnastics, this product works for all levels of expertise and all ages.

Someone asked me what the weight limit for this particular product is, it is 150 pounds.


  • Reputable brand at an affordable price point.
  • Durable, many safety options integrated.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • For maximum performance, you will want to order additional accessories.
  • Need to tighten extremely well to be 100% stable.

2. Tumbl Trak – Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar

This product is an upgrade from the previous product that was reviewed. It is basically an upgrade, if you need it. Personally, I think most people will be fine with the other product, in my opinion I do not think the $154 extra dollars justifies the cost. Nonetheless, this product does give some nice improvements.

First off, the bar is upgraded to be more durable and stable. If you ever had a problem with  a wobbly or unstable bar, this will be perfect for you. Also, the bar is much easier to put up and take back down. You can quickly adjust the knobs as well. Very stable and able to quickly put up and take down. Is it worth the extra $154? Not necessarily, but not a rip off for the ease you get. Pros:

  • Reputable brand.
  • Durable, many safety options integrated.
  • Easy to assemble, easy to set up, take down and put down.
  • Very stable.


  • For maximum performance, you will want to order accessories.
  • Costs $154 more for more stable, durability and ease of use.

3. Z-Athletic – Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar

This brand and product have a very good reputation. This product is very heavy duty for an affordable price. It is portable, while at the same time it is pretty stable. Z-Athletic designed this with real competition in mind as it is designed to meet exact competition standards. Additionally, the rail is made of fiberglass.

The product is very sturdy, but the construction of it is not as appealing as some of its contenders. This product is at a good price point for the quality of the product.Pros:

  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to use.


  • Quality could use some work.
  • Shipping takes a couple of days, you may not get the complete package in one delivery.

4. Joom Beem – Pink Adjustable Horizontal Bar & 8ft Folding Mat Balance Beam Combo Gym Set

This product is priced at a higher end price point, so we will look at what you get from this that you will not get from other cheap gymnastics bars. Some great things about this set is that it uses precise stainless steel hardware, to make it more sturdy and secure. On the end of each frame there is a rubber cap for safety as well. They finished off the product with a nice, pink and black glossy coating for that nice appeal.

Not a lot of products have a warranty, or a limited one. This one has a 5 year warranty which is always a great thing. This product can hold up to 175 lbs which is a plus as well.Pros:

  • Strong building material.
  • Nice glossy finish.
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Higher Priced

5. Nimble Sports – Purple Junior Adjustable Horizontal Bar

This is a high-quality product at a very fair price point. The only problem is that the shipping cost is an extra $50 which totally ruins it for me. If they can get their shipping price down (almost all competitors offer free shipping or very low shipping) then this product itself would be more appealing.

The product has a support of 100 lbs, which is a good amount for the demographic it targets, but ideally it should be able to hold more. There is a 1 year warranty for this product which is okay.

Overall, it is a good product, it just falls short of excelling at a couple of things.Pros:

  • Quality Product.
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • $50 extra for shipping.
  • Holds a maximum of 100 pounds.

That sums up the review of the 5 most popular, most used and trusted bars on the market in 2017.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

As you can probably tell, a lot of the products are pretty similar in height, weight capacity, construction material used and so forth. This top 5 list was not easy to narrow down, but if I had to make a choice, I can safely say it would be the Tumbl Trak – Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar. It is a great product at a fair price point, does not have any horrible cons and a lot of people love the product.

I hope that this list helps you find the best gymnastics bars for your budget. Do remember, there is no perfect product, unfortunately. Having said that, as I said before, I am confident in all five of these products I reviewed for you and would let my child use any one of them. If you think that I missed a good bar, let me know.

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